The Adventures of Little Baron Trump and Bulger

Season 1

Half hour fantasy adventure animated series adaptation of the 1890 novel "Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulger" by Ingersoll Lockwood.

Logline:  Wilhelm is an intelligent aristocratic youth bored with his life of luxury at Trump Manor and in search of adventure in lands unknown.
Synopsis: Baron Wilhelm Heinrich Felix Von Trump is a precocious young boy from an aristocratic German family, famous for its valor and love of adventure. He was born in the Land of the Melodious Sneezers, an intriguing, undiscovered African village, and the queen of the village presented him with a puppy named Bulger. The two are inseparable and grow up together. In Germany, at the age of eight, Wilhelm discharges his tutors, realizing he could outsmart all of them, and then successfully sues them for what he had taught them. He later invests the money from the lawsuit in such a way that by the following year, he amasses a large fortune. When he turns ten, Wilhelm pressures his parents into letting him set out on his travels by making their lives unbearable with the help of some juveniles he had “befriended”. His first quest begins in the Southern Seas where he must triumph over the terrors of Port No Man's Port.